Frequently asked questions about our product range.

Does Dukkaboard have to be fitted a specific way around?

No, both faces are the same, it can be reversed.

How much does Dukkaboard weigh?

Dukkaboard Original Panels weigh 5kg per sq.m approx. irrespective of board thickness.

How much weight can Dukkaboard support on a wall?

100kg per sq.m

Is Dukkaboard suitable for use with Under-Floor Heating?

Yes, Dukkaboard is a good insulator and is suitable for use with UFH.  Wires can be in direct contact with Dukkaboard.

Is Aqua77 laid before or after Under-Floor Heating?

Dukkaboard recommend installing the UFH wires first, levelling compound to cover these wires, and then Aqua77 over the levelling compound.

What are the correct fixing centres for Dukkaboard Washers?

300mm apart, washers at board edges can span both boards to hold edges flush.

Can I lay a Dukkaboard Shower Tray direct to joists?

No.  For fitting instructions download the guide here

How big is a sheet of Dukkaboard Original-Panel?

1200x600mm – 0.72 sq.m

2400x600mm – 1.44 sq.m

2400×1200 – 2.88 sq.m

Can Dukkaboard take mosaics?

Yes.  For floor applications, if the mosaic is less than 50x50mm, a bed layer of Dukkaboard Reinforcement mesh must be laid prior in the adhesive bed.