Wedge – Panel

Dukkaboard Wedge – Panel is a pre-formed panel with a gradient, for quick and simple channel drain applications.

Wedge Board


Dukkaboard Wedge-Panels can be used if a quick and simple slope down to a channel drain is required. The boards slope from 20mm to 8mm. Ideal for use with channel drains.


The lightweight design of the Dukkaboard Wedge-Panels makes handling and installation a simple task.


Use in multiples to create large shower trays.  Wedge-Panels provide a cost-effective alternative to bespoke shower trays and can be used with all types of existing and mixed substrates including concrete and gypsum screeds.

Product Details

Dukkaboard Wedge-Panels are the perfect solution to creating a stable, ready to tile surface.  Application areas include bathrooms, wet-rooms, saunas and swimming pools.


DP-WP-1260 1200 600 A=8  B=20
DP-WP-3012 300 1200 A=20  B=8
Wedge-Panel Measurement

Product Downloads

Backed up with comprehensive technical information and ratings, Dukkaboard Wedge-Panels can be specified with confidence for projects of every scale.
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