Iso – Mat

Innovative, crack bridging, decoupling membrane that gives superior protection against problem substrates including timber floors and concrete.

Tension Reducing

Iso-Mat provides a layer between the substrate and tiled covering to contain the movement caused by expansion and contraction and stops it from transferring to the tiles.  Iso-Mat is also flexible and crack bridging.

Low Structural Build-up

Ultra Thin, being less than 1mm thick, Iso-Mat is manufactured from two outer layers of polypropylene non-woven with one inner layer of glass filament fabric.

Rot Proof and Breathable

Iso-Mat is resistant to alkali’s and rot can also be used with underfloor heating.

Product Details

Iso-Mat contains recycled materials, meaning it is kinder to the environment than alternative matting products.

 DM-DC-0501 5 1 1mm
DM-DC-3001 30 1 1mm

Product Downloads

Backed up with comprehensive technical information and ratings, Iso-Mat can be specified with confidence for projects of every scale.
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