Iso – Shield

Innovative 3-ply waterproof membrane that provides superior protection against water migration and substrate cracks on all types of floor tiling installations.


Provides decoupling and tension reduction between top coverings of tiles, slabs and natural stone and the subfloor in indoor applications. Iso-Shield gives optimum connection to tile laying materials due to its dual sided fleece lamination.


Manufactured from waterproof string fabric sheathing, Iso-Shield is resistant to alkalines and rot.  While it is an impervious product, to fully waterproof surfaces all joints must be sealed.

Low Structural Build-up

Ultra-thin with a thickness of 0.87mm.  Iso-Shield is also suitable for use with Underfloor Heating and tested to BS / EN Standards.

Product Details

Iso-Shield contains recycled materials, meaning it is kinder to the environment than alternative matting products.

DM-IS-0501 5 1 0.87
DM-IS-3001 30 1 0.87

Product Downloads

Backed up with comprehensive technical information and ratings, Iso-Shield can be specified with confidence for projects of every scale.
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