Iso-Koll Adhesive

A highly flexible, polymer modified, fast curing, two-component adhesive, used for adhering Dukkaboard Matting tapes and manchets to Dukkaboard Panels, creating a completely waterproof substrate.

Iso-Koll Adhesive


Suitable for use on most common substrates including solid timber and concrete, The Dukkaboard Matting range is compatible with all types of natural stone and tiles.


Lightweight and durable, all Dukkaboard Matting products are quick and easy to install.

Problem Solvers

Resistant to rot and alkalis, Dukkaboard Mattings eliminate the risks linked with the common causes of tile failure and cracking associated with traditional building materials.

Product Details

  • Non-shrinking and crack free setting.
  • Watertight against positive and negative pressurized water.
  • Excellent bonding to mineral surfaces.
  • Can also be used on screeds, concrete, masonry and plasters.
  • Highly flexible – crack bridging.
  • Resistant to frost and ageing.
  • Effective C02 barrier.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • Solvent free
DM-IK-0010 4
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