Creative – Panel

Constructed from polystyrene foam, reinforced on both sides with fibre glass mesh and a cement coating creating a pre-scored strong, lightweight and waterproof backer board for tile and stone installations.

Creative Panel


Available in either short score or long score, the Creative-Panels can be curved in either direction providing tight curves for pipes and columns or a gentle curve for shower enclosures, reception desks, counters and seating. Dukkaboard Creative-Panels coupled with imagination can produce the most amazing effects.


Dukkaboard Creative-Panels open up a whole new range of possibilities. They create walls and partitions of any shape and design in minutes. This eliminates expensive labour costs and provides the ultimate substrate ready for both tile fixing or render finishes.

Problem Solver

Dukkaboard Creative-Panels not only prevent the common causes of tile failure typical in traditional building material. It also eliminates the agony of having to create a structure with resilient building materials such as ply and plasterboard.

Product Details

Dukkaboard Creative-Panels are the perfect solution to creating a stable, ready to tile surface.  Application areas include bathrooms, wet-rooms, saunas, kitchens and swimming pools.

Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Type
DP-CE-1330 1300 600 30 SHORT SCORE
DP-CE-2630 2600 600 30 LONG SCORE
Creative Panel
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