Rectangular Center Drain

Dukkaboard pre-formed Shower-Trays are available in a wide variety of sizes and drain positions to suit a range of applications. Designed for use with natural stone and tiles to create step free access for the ulimate wet-room look.

Rectangular Shower Tray

Ready to tile

Provide a stable, waterproof, ready-to-tile surface, compatible with all types of tile adhesive.


Wide range of grate and drain styles to create a custom look and beautiful finish.

Bespoke Service

Dukkaboard Shower Trays can be tailor-made to suit any application. We can manufacture any size or non-standard shape you require within 10 working days.

Product Details


DS-RC-1080 1000 800 20
DS-RC-1290 1200 900 20
DS-RC-1310 1300 1050 25
DS-RC-1590 1500 900 20
DS-RC-1512 1500 1200 30
DS-RC-1812 1800 1200 30
DS-RC-1891 1830 915 25
Rectangular Shower Tray
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