Aqua 77 Fleece+ Manchet

For waterproofing a wall or floor surface where a pipe penetrates the substrate and tiled surface.

Aqua 77 Fleece+ Custom Manchet


Due to its strengthening fibreglass fleece and liquid applied membrane, Aqua77 is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including bathrooms, showers and wet-rooms.


Dukkaboard Aqua77 is simple to use and its striking colour helps indicates completeness of coverage.

Safe To Use

A mineral organic and waterbased product, Aqua77 safeguards the health of both the user and the environment.  Perfect for use in Green Building, with extremely low VOC emissions.

Product Details

• Used in conjunction with Aqua77 Neo-Flex

DA-FM-0020 20
DA-FM-0025 25
DA-FM-0060 60
Aqua 77 Fleece+ Manchet
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