• Moisture and rot proof

    Dukkaboard is a fully waterproof system that creates the perfect solution for bathrooms, showers and wetrooms.

  • Exceptional stability

    Dukkaboard eliminates the common causes of tile failure associated with Plasterboard, MDF, Chipboard and Plywood.

  • High thermal insulation

    Dukkaboard panels and shower trays are thermally insulating, that substantially reduce heat loss and create a great solution for use with underfloor heating.

  • Lightweight and workable

    Easier and faster to work with than all other types of building board.

  • Replaces wet finishes

    Can be used in place of floor screed and wall finishes. Fast tracks tiling and saves costs.

Le système complet Tile Backer pour le carrelage de qualité, la liberté de création et la paix d'esprit, garantie 25 ans.

Dukkaboard est un système de panneaux d’appui pour carreaux innovante complétée par une vaste gamme d’accessoires et de produits d’étanchéité. Dukkaboard est utilisé comme substrat pour carreaux et finitions pour rendre les murs et les planchers.

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Dukkaboard Original Shower Trays

Shower-Trays Overview

Dukkaboard Shower-Trays are preformed and available in a wide variety of sizes and drain positions to suit a wide range of applications. Designed to give the ultimate level access wet room look.

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The System Explained

The Dukkaboard Original Range is made up of Flat, Wedge and Creative Panels.

Les Gammes Dukkaboard origine du panneau et bac à douche sont fabriqués à partir d’un polystyrène extrudé haute densité, revêtu de polymère modifié renforcé fibre de verre ciment, des deux côtés, qui ajoute de la rigidité et de la force.

Dukkaboard est adapté à une utilisation derrière un carrelage en contact avec l’eau courante ou résiduelle.

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Dukkaboard Original Flatpanels

Original-Panel Overview

Dukkaboard Original-Panels prevent the common causes of tile failure associated with traditional building materials such as plywood and plasterboard which are prone to absorbing moisture, leading to substrate instability and mould growth.  Dukkaboard is the only backerboard you will ever need.

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The Professional Choice

Trusted by professionals across Europe, Dukkaboard is the perfect choice for Architects & Contractors.

Confidence though quality. To underline the supreme quality of the Dukkaboard range of products, Dukkaboard comes with a 25 year warranty on all system installations that have been carried on in accordance with the Dukkaboard installation guidelines, making Dukkaboard the preferred choice of tile backer board system.

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Dukkaboard Original Creative Panels

Creative-Panel Overview

Dukkaboard Creative-Panels allow a wide range of design possibilities.  With long-score and short-score boards a range of shapes or designs can be created with ease.  Dukkaboard Creative-Panels coupled with imagination can produce the most amazing effects.

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Dukkaboard Stats

  • 7,378 Projects Using Dukkaboard
  • 24 Dukkaboard
    Sheet Sizes
  • 34000 Dukkaboard Sheets Used This Week
  • 79% Contractors Prefer Dukkaboard
  • 12,568 Happy Customers
    Using Dukkaboard

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