5 Broadgate Development

5 Broadgate is one of the world’s greenest buildings, with 65% lower carbon emissions than the previous two buildings on this site.

The development will provide a new headquarters for UBS, housing up to 6,000 people and featuring four immense trading floors – something much sought after by businesses today.  The designs also embrace other aspects of the Broadgate master-plan and will reinvigorate both open spaces and pedestrian routes, marking a pioneering move away from traditional glass façades, meaning this project is truly new and exciting architectural era for Broadgate.

The Main Contractor used Dukkaboard panels throughout all the bathrooms.  Dukkaboard Reinforcement mesh was used for jointing as it was not a complete wet area. This gave a flat finish ideal for the heavy weight stone tiles that client had chosen.

Dukkaboard’s impressive readings for load bearing & compressive strength, and Green Credentials made it the clear choice for use on this prestigious project.